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You use this function if you want to create As-Built Configurations with close reference to the production process. It enables you to include the creation of an as-built configuration in the production process and use the production data (order structure, serial number hierarchy).

You can either create an as-built configuration after each individual order (you can integrate creation into single screen entry of confirmations) or you can create an as-built configuration after completing production of a finished product.

As-built configurations are created in two stages. First, you assign one or more material and serial numbers to an existing as-built configuration or identify finished products (material and serial numbers) for which new as-built configurations are to be created. When you save, new as-built configurations are created or existing as-built configurations are changed. In this way, you keep on gradually building up as-built configurations.


This function is based on the data of Installed Based Management (CS-IB) . Therefore, you can also use the installed base management transactions to create, change and display.

You can use this function for process and production orders.


A prerequisite for the creation of as-built configurations from production data is that goods issues and receipts have been carried out for the orders. If the system is to propose serial numbers, these must be entered when you enter the goods movements.


Processing Types

The following processing types are available:

With the list input, you use the keyboard to assign material and serial numbers.

Here, you can use a graphical user interface to carry out assignments using Drag & Drop .

  • Creation using a barcode reader

To create assignments, you can read in material and serial numbers that have been encoded in barcodes.

Creation of As-Built Configurations

The creation of as-built configurations on the basis of assignments can be carried out either in the dialog, for an individual as-built configuration, or in the background with collective processing for all processed as-built configurations. If an as-built configuration is created in the dialog, the user can change it manually before saving.

Integration in the Production Process

  • Including the function as a detail area in order confirmation

As-built configurations can be created during Single Screen Entry of Confirmations . For this process, the corresponding detail area must be inserted into the screen for single screen entry of confirmations (see Settings for Single Screen Entry ). A record is then kept of which serialized components have been incorporated in the individual assemblies. During confirmation, assignment is carried out using the list input. However, you can switch to the graphical user interface (select  ( ) Assignment tool ).

  • Automatically linking as-built configurations of subordinate production levels

When a confirmation is saved, the assignments of serialized components to serialized assemblies are automatically converted to as-built configurations and saved as an installed base. When as-built configurations are created for the superior production level, subordinate as-built configurations are automatically linked to the newly created as-built configurations. Single-level as-built configurations of serialized assemblies are thereby progressively built up into multi-level as-built configurations for finished products.

Evaluation of Production Data

When production orders and process orders are used, the evaluation of production data is supported in the following way:

  • Entry help for the list input

When using the list input to create an assignment, you can set up the system so that it automatically enters the material numbers of components, which have been incorporated in a serialized assembly according to the manufacturing order, into the component list (choose  ( ) Explode ). To complete the assignments for the serialized assemblies, you then only have to add the related serial numbers.

  • Assignment proposals for node assignment

If serialized components have already been withdrawn for an order, the serial number hierarchy for this order can be exploded (choose  ( ) Explode ). All possible assignments are represented in a tree structure (single-level or multi-level).

  • Checking assignments

If you create an assignment, the system carries out a consistency check using the production data (order structure, serial number hierarchy). In the case of an error, you can decide whether or not you want to execute assignment. You can also reverse an assignment (choose  ( ) ).

  • Transferring production data

When you create an as-built configuration based on assignments, production data is automatically transferred to the items of the as-built configuration ( plant, batch, revision level, quantity, unit of measure ).

  • Order quantity 1

For a serialized assembly that is produced from an order with a quantity of 1, the subordinate assignments are clearly defined if their serialized components have already been withdrawn. In this case, all subordinate assignments are generated automatically by the system when this serialized assembly is assigned as a component.

  • Automatic assignment of components that are not serialized

When an as-built configuration is created on the basis of the defined assignments, the system creates automatic assignments of components that are not serialized. In this process, the system determines the component quantities automatically.