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You can update the results of the modified standard cost estimate and the current cost estimate (as well as standard cost estimates and inventory cost estimates) as planned prices 1, 2 and 3 in the material master .


In addition to transferring the costing results to the material master as planned prices, you can access these prices when costing (see graphic). To access one of the planned prices, you can define a strategy sequence for material valuation in the valuation variant in Customizing. This enables you to set a planned price for a material for Cost Object Controlling that is used to valuate inward stock movements for materials with a V price control.

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To update the costing results as other prices in the material master record, the following conditions must be met:

  • The cost estimate has the status KA: Costed without errors .

Only the results of cost estimates without errors can be updated. For more information, see Costing Status , Message Logs and User-Defined Message Types .

  • The costing results have been saved to the database.

To be able to save a cost estimate, you must ensure that the indicator Saving allowed is turned on in the costing variant . For more information, see Saving Material Cost Estimates .

  • You specify which cost estimates can be transferred into the material master records via the costing type in Customizing for Product Cost Planning.

The Other (not std price) indicator must be set for the modified standard cost estimate or the current cost estimate.

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You cannot update any cost estimates as planned prices for which the indicator No update has been set in the costing type.

However, you can transfer the results of other cost estimates (plan or inventory costing) to the material master as planned prices even if you have set a different update indicator in their costing type. It is important to note , however, that this does not apply in reverse. You are not able to transfer a cost estimate to the material master as a standard price where for instance the indicator Standard price has not been set.

For more information, see Costing Sequence and Preparing for Material Costing .