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The application enables you to transfer CO actual transaction data from an external system to the SAP system.


Test/Post: You can either do a test run or an actual transfer ( posting ). In the test run, all the required checks are made, but nothing is posted.

Ignore Warnings : If this indicator has been set, the documents are posted even if warning messages are issued during the document check. If this indicator has not been set, warning messages that are issued during the document check prevent the document from being posted.

External Number Assignment : If this indicator has been set, the application expects the final document numbers to be included during the data transfer. (Even for an internal number assignment, you need to provide the temporary document numbers to ensure that the assignment is made between document header and document items. These are replaced during the data transfer.)

Data Transfer Text : The data transfer can be assigned a text to help identify the data.

Each data transfer is processed separately.

File Name Posting Data : All of the messages issued during document checks are logged. The system saves the log under the data transfer ID during the update run. You can then use this ID to find and display the log (see also: Data Transfer Log ). Data that could not be transferred is placed in a postprocessing worklist. This can also be identified using the data transfer ID. This ensures that the data does not change between import and postprocessing.

The external data source can be used more than once for the data transfer. The reaction of the application to a multiple transfer of the same data source can be set up by using the message control for message 001 of work area KF1C . The note referring to a data transfer that was already completed using the same data source is displayed as an information message that can be skipped. This is set up as a default.

For more information on message control, see the IMG (implementation guide) for Controlling under General Controlling -> Change Message Control.