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You make the following settings for document integration in the production order:

  • Customizing for Document Management

In Customizing for   Document Management   (   Cross-Application Components   Document Management   Control Data   Define Document Types   ), you must configure which document types are allowed for a link to an order. The corresponding document types must be linked with object PORDER. To do this, select the document type and choose Define object link . Enter PORDER and Screen number 251.

If you do not make this setting, the documents in question are ignored during the automatic generation of the document link . When you attempt to manually create the link, the system issues an error message and refuses to create it.

  • Production scheduling profile

In the production scheduling profile, (Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Master Data   Define Production Scheduling Profile   ) you can define that when an order is created or released, document links from the material master of the produced material or document items from the BOM are copied as document links into the production order.