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These reports are used for the detailed analysis of individual sales order items.


To display the items assigned to the sales order and the orders that have been assigned to the items, enter the sales order number and choose   Settings   Suborders   Overview  

This brings you to the report Sales order hierarchy .

You can specify whether only the costs updated to the sales order item are included, or whether the costs that were updated on the orders assigned to sales order item are also included in the report. The setting necessary for this can be found under   Settings   Suborders   On/Off   .

If, for example, the assigned orders are included, you can perform a plan/actual comparison of the entire production structure, taking into account the original cost elements. The costs of the production orders that have been started but are not yet finished are also included. This, for example, makes it possible for you to analyze the direct costs of production This report particularly useful in complex make-to-order production. It can be used with both valuated and non-valuated sales order stock.

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The data is displayed using the cost analysis. The cost analysis is based on the functionality of the ABAP List Viewer and offers additional functions. Using the layout technology in the report, you can show the key figures that you want to analyze.

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You can find general information on the key figures that you can analyze for the sales order item under the following:

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