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Standard values are planned values for the execution of an operation and are maintained in the operation. Typical standard values are, for instance, set-up and processing. The execution time, costs and capacities are calculated in operations using formulas from the work centers and standard values from the operations.

When you assign a work center to an operation, up to six data fields and key words are assigned to the operation via the standard value key of the work center. The standard value key is defined in the Customizing for Work centers by choosing Standard value and is entered in the Basic data screen of the work center.

The rules for maintenance for standard values in the work center Basic data screen determine whether you have to maintain standard values in the operation or whether this is optional.

You can enter default units of measure for the standard values in the work center screen Default values . For inhouse-production operations the default value for the unit of measure of work is maintained in the screen Scheduling .