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Procedure documentationChanging the Cutoff Period Locate this document in the navigation structure


To define the cutoff period:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling  .

  2. Choose the component in which you want to define the cutoff period, such as   Product Cost by Period   Period-End Closing   Single Functions: Product Cost Collector   or   Single Functions: Cost Object Hierarchy   Work in Process   or Results Analysis   Cutoff Period   Change  .

    In Product Cost by Period and Product Cost by Order, choose Work in Process.

    In Product Cost by Sales Order, choose   Single Functions   Results Analysis  .

    In Product Cost by Period, choose whether you want to calculate WIP for product cost collectors or for objects (product cost collectors or manufacturing orders) assigned to a cost object hierarchy.

    The screen Change Cutoff Period: Initial Screen appears.

  3. Enter the results analysis version for which you want to define the cutoff period, and choose ENTER.

    The screen Change Cutoff Period appears.

  4. Enter the cutoff period.

  5. Save the cutoff period.


The system changes the cutoff period in the results analysis version. You can view the results analysis version in Customizing for Cost Object Controlling.

When it calculates the work in process, the system does not overwrite the results analysis data that precedes the cutoff period.