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Document integration allows you to create fixed links between orders and documents in the Document Management System (DMS). This ensures that the correct document versions are supplied during the production process. In addition, this also allows you to keep track of which documents were used to produce a certain order.

The document links can be generated automatically when an order is created or released (see Settings for Document Integration ). You can also generate document links manually .

Automatic Generation from Material Master/BOM

The material master or BOM is checked during automatic generation:

  • All existing document links for the material are copied to the production order. These document links are assigned to the document header. You make assignments to an operation manually .

  • All production-relevant document items are copied from the BOM to the production order as document links. When a document item in a routing is assigned to an operation, then this assignment is also copied to the production order.

The material master or BOM is used to determine which documents are valid. In the process, the explosion date of the production order is the decisive factor, along with the configuration or parameter validity of the produced material, where applicable. Only released documents are taken into account. If several released versions exist, the version that is valid on the explosion date is used.

You can use the Business Add-In Document Links (Production Orders) (WORKORDER_DOCLINKS) to change or delete the document links assigned to a production order, or to add new document links.

Manual Generation

The following options are available for manual generation:

  • You can create document links manually from the document links/documents saved in the material master and in the BOM (see Generating a Document Link from Master Data ). In this process, the same rules apply as for automatic generation (see above).

  • You can create as many document links as you wish, if the document type is permitted for production orders (see Settings for Document Integration ).


The document integration in the production order is based on the functions of the Document Management System (DMS). The documents and the original files are managed in the DMS. The document links can be managed both in the DMS and in the production order.


Document links are not generated automatically when changes are made within Change Management for Production Orders (OCM) .


Document integration has the following characteristics:

  • Assignment to document header or to operations

    Documents can be linked with the order header or with operations in the production order.

  • Print

    The LV03 list is available for printing the document links.

  • Where-used list

    The Document Management System (DMS) provides a where-used list with object links (for example, with material masters or production orders). It allows you to determine which production orders use a specific document.

  • Archiving

    The document links are archived together with the corresponding production order (archiving class CV_OBJL). Since the display of document links is not integrated in the order information system, document links from archived orders can only be displayed using the technical view of the SAP archiving system.

  • Logical database

    Document links to the document header and to operations are integrated in the IOC logical database with structures IODOCL and IOOPDOCL, and can be evaluated using these structures.

  • Customer enhancements

    The following customer enhancements are available:

    • PPCO0015: Additional attributes for document links

    • PPCO0016: Generating document links from master data

    • PPCO0017: Additional checks during dialog processing of document links

      Displaying the links for a finished material

      The function   Header   Documents   displays the current links to the produced material, but does not establish a fixed link to the order.

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