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An authorization detailing specific work that is to be done on the shop floor


You create and release shop orders for product on the shop floor (see Creating and Releasing Shop Orders). Each shop order is identified by a unique shop order number. When shop orders are released to the shop floor, the system assigns a unique SFC number to each unit in the shop order.


A shop order can have the following attributes:

For more information, see Shop Order Maintenance and Shop Order Table.


You can view and change system rules that determine what happens when the system releases shop orders and when orders are finished or closed on the shop floor in System Rule Maintenance (see Order Rules).

Shop Order Updates

There are no restrictions on updating an existing shop order as long as it has not been released.

Once a shop order has been released, it is no longer possible to assign a different material, BOM or routing to the shop order.

For SFC numbers belonging to the shop order, Change Production can be used to assign a different BOM, routing or shop order to the SFC number (see Change Production).