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 Setting Up determination of Actual Capacity Requirements Locate this document in the navigation structure


In this procedure you determine if and how actual capacity requirements are determined from the confirmation of activities or quantities.

The system determines actual capacity requirements from

  • Activities by equating every actual capacity requirement to an activity.

  • Quantities by using formulas to determine the corresponding capacity requirements. You must have entered these formulas on the Capacities tab page.

See also: Display of actual capacity requirements in PP Capacity Planning .


  1. On the Capacities tab page of the work center select a capacity category to determine the actual capacity requirements for.

  2. Choose   Extras   ActlCapReqmts.  

    The Settings for determining the actual capacity requirements dialog box appears.

  3. Set the Calc. actual cap. reqmts. indicator.

  4. If the actual capacity requirements are to be determined from the activities, enter an activity for each actual capacity requirement in the Actual capacity requirements from activities detail screen. Enter the standard value parameters to identify the corresponding activity.

  5.  ( )

    You can display the standard value parameters for work centers via the value help.

  6. Save the work center.