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 Displaying the Application Toolbar with Mass Proc. Functions Locate this document in the navigation structure


You use the application toolbar to execute mass processing functions. In this process, you use the pushbuttons to access the functions, rather than using the menu. In this way, for example, you can release several production orders and then print them without having to use the menu.

You use this procedure when you execute mass processing in the dialog or when you want to define a selection screen variant.


  1. Go to the Mass processing tab page in the mass processing transaction (COHV, COHVPI, COMAC; CO04N or CO05N).

  2. Select Display Application Toolbar .

  3. Select the button(s) that you want the system to display in the list on the application toolbar.

  4. Define the parameters for the mass processing functions of the selected pushbuttons.

    Note Note

    The pushbutton for a mass processing function for which no parameter has been defined appears on the application toolbar but cannot be selected. You can also define parameters after the objects to be processed have been selected (choose   Mass processing   Executein the menu).  

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