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Product drilldowns contain convenient functions for navigating in the dataset. They also contain a number of other functions for interactive work with reports. SAP graphics, SAP Mail and Excel Listviewer are all linked to product drilldowns.


See Checklist for Product Drilldown .


Some of the important functions for CO-PC drilldown reporting include:

  • Exception reporting

Exception conditions that specify whether an object merits special notice. You can enter this information in a key figure in a line or a column. The exceptional fields will be colored. This way, you can quickly recognize items such as variances that are above a certain value.

  • ABC analysis

Characteristic values can be classified with regard to the importance of particular key figures.

  • Requirements

You can set requirements for a column. Then only those lines that meet these requirements will be displayed. With this function, you can leave out all lines that have a variance smaller than 3%, for example. Lines that do not meet the requirements are presented in sum in a line ‘Remaining...’.

  • Ranking list

You can create ranking lists with Top N / Top % or Last N / Last %. You can use this function to have only certain reports displayed, such as the top 5% of materials with the highest absolute variances.

  • Sorting

You can have the lines sorted in ascending or descending order according to column value.

Note Note

For more information about product drilldown reports and their function, see the documentation Drilldown Reporting in the cross-application area.

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