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Hierarchical overview of the values for all costing items of a material, sales order, or base planning object.


If you want to see the costed multilevel BOM in the cost estimate and in the information system, select the Itemization indicator when you save the cost estimate.


The costs for each component (assemblies and input materials) in the costed multilevel BOM are based on the structure and content of the BOM of the costed material.

You can display all other costing items (such as internal activities and overhead costs) by choosing Materials Only/All Items (Materials Only/All Items). In addition to costs, the respective input quantities are displayed.

You can check which valuation strategy was used during costing by also having the field Price Strategy (text) displayed.

The structure of the costed multilevel BOM for unit cost estimates is very flat as a result of the costing structure of the unit cost estimate and therefore offers little information on the structure of the costs.


In the SAP standard system, you can choose between predefined layouts or adjust information displayed according to your requirements by creating a layout.

The values displayed are dependent on the cost component view (such as cost of goods manufactured, cost of goods sold, or stock valuation) and the cost base. If you change these, the costs are immediately converted to the new cost base or displayed in the selected view.

For an explanation of the symbols next to the materials or items, choose Legend (Legend).

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The values in the costed multilevel BOM are determined from the values in the itemization. Subsequent changes of the quantity structure or the values are not shown. A new cost estimate is necessary for this.

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More Information

If you are using mixed costing, see Mixed Costing in the Information System.

For more information on layouts, see Creating, Changing, and Managing Layouts.