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This function enables the transfer of production order data from SAP ERP to SAP ME to create or update the corresponding Production shop order record in SAP ME (see Shop Order).


  • The production order is used by production planning in SAP ERP to define which material is to be processed at which location, at what time, and how much work is required to produce the material. The production order also defines which resources are to be used and how the order costs are to be settled.

  • Release of the Production shop order in SAP ME triggers production on the shop floor (see Shop Order Release).

  • You can download the complete phantom hierarchy including the phantom components and the phantom members from SAP ERP to SAP ME.

  • You can transfer alternate components defined for BOM in SAP ERP to SAP ME with production order. Among the components in an alternate group, the component with highest priority becomes the primary component and the other components become alternate components (see Alternative Items).

  • See also Transfer of Production Order: Integration Details.


  • You have verified system rule settings (see ERP Integration Rules).

  • You have optionally imported BOM and routing master data from SAP ERP (see Transfer of Bill of Material (BOM) and Transfer of Routing to Routing with Operations).

    BOM and routing masters that are sent from SAP ERP to SAP ME prior to the production order download allow additional manual configurations to take place inside of SAP ME. This prerequisite is optional because the BOM and routing master can be created in SAP ME directly from the production order download.

  • You have optionally set up default values for new material, BOM, and routing master data imported from SAP ERP in Default Value Maintenance (see Material Table, BOM Table, and Routing Table). This is a prerequisite only if your business process requires it, otherwise it can be omitted.