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You can transfer the results of the standard cost estimate as the current standard price in the material master by releasing the standard cost estimate.

You can release the following:

  • One or more standard cost estimates

For further information, see Releasing Standard Cost Estimates .

  • More than one standard cost estimate within one costing run

For more information about this, see Using a Costing Run to Update the Standard Price or Other Prices .


Marking enables the results of the standard cost estimate to be updated as the Future standard price in the material master.

Releasing a standard cost estimate enables the future standard price to be updated as the current standard price and the current planned price in the material master.

Caution Caution

At this time, the stock value of the material is changed and the new standard price for valuating material movements is active. This price is then active for external accounting. Materials with "S" price control are valuated with the new standard price.

End of the caution.

For new cost estimates, you can access the current standard price to valuate the materials. For more information, see Valuation of Materials .


The current posting period matches that of the cost estimate.

The cost estimate has been marked .

The costing results have been checked using the reports of the Information System.

Caution Caution

Releasing a cost estimate can only be done once in a period. It cannot be reversed. For this reason you should check your future standard price beforehand and compare it with the current standard price. You can use the Information System reports for this. For more information, see Reports in Product Cost Planning .

 ( )

If you have inadvertently released the wrong standard cost estimate, you can delete it and recost, remark and rerelease. However, deleting a released standard cost estimate does not mean that the materials are revaluated with the previous standard price. Valuation is carried out with the new standard price (current planned price). Therefore, this procedure should only be used in exceptional circumstances .

Deleting a standard cost estimate affects all applications that use it for evaluation purposes (such as Profitability Analysis and confirmation).

End of the caution.

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