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You have the option of converting several planned orders into production orders in a collective conversion . You can select the planned order that you want to convert together according to the date of their creation.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Order   Create   Collective conversion of planned orders   .  

  2. You branch to the initial screen for collectively converting planned orders.

  3. Enter the planning plant .

  4. Other selection criteria that you can use for planned orders are: MRP area, MRP controller, Opening date from - to, Material, Sales order, WBS element, BOM explosion number .

     ( )

    You can search for a material in the Material field using any character string (for example, A* for all materials beginning with A).

     ( )

    If you want to restrict the selection of the planned orders to be converted according to their opening date, you can also specify an interval from opening date and to opening date.

    If an opening period has been defined in your user master (parameter IDs AEV and AEB) then the values are automatically proposed by the system.

     ( )

    Only planned orders that allow in-house processing can be selected. To convert planned orders to purchase requisitions, choose   Logistics   Production   MRP   Planned order   Convert to pur.req.  

  5. Enter the order type with which the production order is to be created.

  6.  ( )

    If you want to create production orders with different order types (for example, some with internal and some with external number assignment) then on the next screen you have the options of specifying the order number separately for every order.

    An order type can be proposed via the production scheduling profile. The assignment of the production scheduling profile to the order is made via the material master record of the material to be produced (tab page Work scheduling ). There, you can either directly enter the profile or carry out indirect assignment via the production scheduler (you define the production scheduler in Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Master Data   Define Production Scheduler   ). If both are entered, priority is given to assignment via the profile.  

  7. Choose  ( ) .

  8. The system lists all planned orders that fit the given selection criteria. Double-click a planned order to display it (number of the planned order in the Planned order column).

     ( )

    With  ( ) Planned orders, you can branch to a printable list of the selected planned orders. In addition, other functions you can use are: Filter, sort, ABC analysis.

  9. Now select the planned order that you want to convert.

  10.  ( )

    Planned orders that you do not want to convert can be deleted from the list by choosing  ( ) .

     ( )

    You can branch to various objects from the list of selected planned orders using a double-click (for example, material, planned order number, production order number after the conversion).

     ( )

    You can sort the list of selected planned orders any way that you like. To create a temporary or permanent search profile, choose  ( ) Fields. A permanent sort profile can be preset in the user parameter SPO.

     ( )

    The orders in a collective order are displayed together and must be converted together, that is, subtrees cannot be converted. In addition, you can expand and compress orders in a collective order.

  11. If necessary change the order type of the selected planned orders. If you specify an order type for a planned order that uses external number assignment then you should specify an order number for this order.

  12. Choose  ( ) Convert .

The system converts all the selected planned orders.

Note Note

A log is created for every planned order for which conversion has been called up. You call this up by choosing  ( ) for converted planned orders or  ( ) for those not converted, in the Result column. This log contains all logs that are also in the production order, by choosing   Goto   Logs.  

 ( )

You can carry out a new selection of planned orders at any time. You do not need to exit the application to do this. Expand the selection area by choosing  ( ) . Then enter the selection criteria and choose  ( ) .

End of the note.