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Exactly 200 workpieces fit into an annealing furnace. However 201 workpieces have to be annealed. In this case two runs are necessary, the annealing time is doubled.

The execution time is the sum of the setup time and the annealing time multiplied by the number of runs. This is expressed in the following formula

F = SET + ( VOL_B / B * ( LOT- 1) DIV VOL_F + 1) * RUN

The meaning of the formula parameters and the origins of their values are given in the table below.

Formula Parameter




Base quantity

General operation value


Lot size

General operation value


Annealing time

Standard value


Setup time before processing

Standard value


Volume of the base quantity

Standard value


Volume of the annealing furnace

Standard value or

Formula constant

You can assign just one operation segment, for example the processing segment, a formula to calculate the execution time of the whole operation. You do not assign formula to the other segments

Calculations with Several Formulas

Since the program adds together the times of two segments, you can use two formulas, F1 and F4 for the segments.

Operation segment: Set-up

F1 = TR

Operation segment: Process

F4 = ( VOL_B / B * ( LOS - 1) DIV VOL_GO + 1) * TE

This is useful, if you are interested in the times of the individual segments.

Note Note

The formulas and parameters used here, F, F1, F4, B, LOT, SET, etc., are only valid in this example. In the SAP standard system formulas and parameters are defined for various applications with different formula key words and parameter IDs.

End of the note.