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In the goods movement overview (previously material overview), you can process goods movements for production orders.

You can call up the goods overview from the following functions:


In the goods movement overview, the material components that are allocated to an order/operation are listed, for which goods movements are possible.

The goods movement overview comprises of the following functions:

  • Change goods movements

    You can change goods movements (for example, requirement quantities, plant, storage location, special stock).

  • Split goods movements

    You can use this function to enter several goods movements for one reservation. You use this function if, for example, you want to withdraw a material component from several different storage locations. If you do not use this function and create a new goods movement, the system will consider this to be an unplanned movement, that is, it has no reference to a reservation.

  • Batch determination

    You can use this function to conduct batch determination for the components. The system uses the search strategy for batch determination. You can also enter the batch manually. Another possible entry is the batches that can be entered. In this case the freely accessible stock per batch is displayed.

  • Create batches

    You can create a batch for the goods receipt of a finished product and, if applicable, assign values to characteristics. Choose   Component   Batch management   Create batch.  

  • Stock determination

    You can also determine stocks for individual goods movements.

  • Display options

    In Environment there are the following display options:

    • Display stock/requirements list

    • Display stock

    • Display material

    • Display order

    • Display errors (for goods movements that contain errors)

      You can also display batch master records by choosing   Component   Batch management   Master record.  

  • Sort, filter, search

    In the Edit menu, there are various options for influencing the display of goods movements. You can, for example:

    • Set a filter, so that only certain movements are displayed

    • Sort the goods movements

    • Delete those goods movements from the list that you do not want to process at the moment

  • Dependent goods movements

    If the material to be produced in a subordinate order of a collective order is transferred to the superior order, this can occur with a goods receipt (to stock for finished material of the subordinate order) and a goods issue (from stock of the directly produced components by the superior order). The goods issue and goods receipt are mutually dependent goods movements and can only be posted and processed together.

    Initially only the goods receipt appears in the goods movement overview. This entry cannot be changed.To process this goods movement, select the entry and choose  ( ) ( Dependent Items ) or   Goto   Dependent items.  

  • Table settings

    You can process goods movements in a table (table control). Each goods movement is in an individual row. You can control the appearance of the table yourself.