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Report that compares two summarization hierarchies or two subhierarchies of summarization hierarchies. It is used in:

  • Product Cost by Period

  • Product Cost by Order

  • Costs for Intangible Goods and Services

The reporting time frame can be cumulative or limited. This report belongs to the report category Object Comparisons .

The planned and actual data of two summarization hierarchies (or sections of them) are compared against each other on the basis of the original cost elements.

Data Displayed

  • Planned values object 1

  • Actual values object 1

  • Planned values object 2

  • Actual values object 2

Header Information:

The header shows you the following for each comparison object:

  • Object information

  • Currency

The report can be displayed in the following currencies:

  • Controlling area currency

  • Company code currency / object currency


You can go to the hierarchy graphic of either hierarchy.

Note Note

When the quantities are summarized, no units of measure are converted. It may be necessary to execute a data collection run again, depending on when the order hierarchies were last summarized.

End of the note.

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