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To add your own programs to the task list and schedule them, you must store them in the system and make sure the Schedule Manager knows how to access them.


  1. To do so, choose   Extras   Settings   Customer Programs   .

    This brings you to the table Registration of Customer Schedule Manager Programs .

  2. Choose New entries .

  3. Enter the ABAP program name or search for it using the input help.

  4. Use the input help to select an application.

    You can enter either a CUSTOMER application or a standard application. If you use a standard application, you must replace the constant value CUSTOMER_APPL in the coding for SCHEDMAN_INIT with your chosen value.

     ( )

    constants: customer_appl like smmain-application value '********'.

  5. You can set the following indicators:

AVo (worklist)

Determines that the program

  • Receives the objects to be processed in the worklist of the Schedule Manager. This means that no scope of selection must be defined for the report itself. The scope of selection only has to be defined once in the flow definition.

  • Processes these objects within the worklist, and that a processing status is set for each processing step and object during processing.

  • Issues messages on the object within the worklist.

To ensure that these requirements are met, certain programming guidelines must be followed when the customer program is written.

Sel (Selection)

A program for which this indicator is set is a selection program for the worklist (or for a flow definition with worklist) for a customer application. Programming guidelines must be followed for such programs as well.

Rep (Reports)

This indicator is set for programs that generate reports that are based on worklists. Programming guidelines must be followed for such programs as well.

  1. Save your entries.

Caution Caution

Essentially any program can be scheduled in Schedule Manager.

However, to enable information on the program to be output in the job monitor, the program must meet certain programming guidelines.

Additional programming guidelines must be met to enable the program to be scheduled with the workflow (flow definition).

For the program to use the worklist, the programming guidelines for the job monitor and the flow definition must be met. Further programming guidelines must also be noted.

For more information, see Inserting Your Own Programs as Tasks .

End of the caution.