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Transferring planning data from a source version (reference) to a target version.


If the target version is plan-integrated, no allocation data is copied. An exception to this is scheduled actual data on the internal order.

You can use a plan integrated internal order in a version as a copy reference. To do this, you need to set the Copy indicator in the version and integrated planning needs to be active for Cost Center Accounting.


For internal orders you can copy from actual to plan as well as plan to plan. When you copy from actual data to planning data, the system assigns the actual business transactions to the corresponding business transactions that can be manually planned.

For projects , you can copy from actual data to planning data.


  1. In the corresponding application menu, choose   Planning   Planning aids   Copy planning   Copy actual to plan/plan to plan   .  

  2. Select the template (actual/plan) and the target (plan) for copying.

  • If you want to copy the planning data for primary costs, revenues, activity inputs, statistical key figures and fiscal-year-dependent overall planning, enter the corresponding fiscal year.

  • If you want to copy the overall values from overall planning, and you do not want to copy any fiscal-year dependent planning data, activate the Overall values indicator and do not enter a fiscal year in the input screen.

Note Note

You can copy individual WBS elements and subhierarchies in projects.

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  1. When you activate selection variants, you can create a variant. Choose the required selection criteria in the next screen and save the variant.

Note Note

The selection variants are determined according to the settings in the database profile (with hierarchies and so on) for projects .

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  1. In the Existing target data group, specify whether any data that already exists in the target version should be overwritten.

  • Do not change

    The system checks whether there is already any planning data in the target version for the corresponding planning. This data is not overwritten.

  • Reset and overwrite

    The system resets all the data in the target version for this planning transaction, and overwrites it with planning data from the template version.

 ( )

If you chose Total up planning values automatically in the planning profile, this setting is not taken into account. If you wish to use this function for your copied planning, you need to activate the function again in the copy.

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