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To select the line items you want to repost, from the relevant application component area menu, choose Actual postings Repost line items Enter.

If the fields offered by the SAP system on the initial screen for selecting line items for reposting are not sufficient, you can show more fields.

Choose Change selection parameters

Choose New field selection

In the Field choice for dynamic selections dialog box, mark the field you need for selecting account assignment objects, data or accounting documents .

Choose Copy selected items.

The fields are transferred to Dynamic selections on the right-hand side of the screen.

To undo your selections, select the fields in question and choose Delete selected objects .

You can make entries in the Dynamic selections selection screen. These selections are adopted by the system when you return to the initial screen.

Save your entries.

The initial screen is now displayed. This screen now includes the fields that you selected.

To save the selected fields to your use master record, choose Save field selection . The system then always displays these fields.

If you want to display a standard field selection for all users, choose Edit General standard and confirm the security prompt with Yes . Your selection is offered to all users who have not entered their own selections.

Enter the following data on the initial screen:

The criteria for the Account assignment objects

The general criteria , by which the data is to be selected for the reposting.

A document number

You can enter one or more individual values, intervals or groups for each of the fields offered by the system. The only exceptions are accounting documents, cost centers, activity types and orders.

The following functions are also available on the initial screen:

Selection options offers you more options for entering selection criteria (see: Specifying Selection Options ).

You can delete entries for individual selection rows or all entries for the selection (see: Deleting Selections ).

By choosing Goto ® Variants , you can save your entries on the initial screen as a variant, enabling you to use these values again when you next call up the initial screen (see: Processing Variants ).

Choose Execute .


The system displays a list of all the line items that meet your selection criteria.

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