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Not only can you start transactions and reports online, and schedule jobs in the task list with this scenario, but you can also monitor the scheduled jobs in the monitor while they are being executed. You can also use worklists and check them in the object monitor in the generalized worklist.


For this scenario, you need the scheduler , the monitor of the Schedule Manager, the flow definition and the multilevel worklist .


The application contains reports for your processing, which you can schedule as jobs.

You are using worklists.


In this scenario, choose a task list from the scheduler, or create a new one. Only use task lists that have the task type flow definition .

You insert tasks in the daily overview. You can monitor the jobs in the monitor by selecting a task with the right mouse button and choosing Monitor .

In addition to the scheduler, monitor and flow definition, you can also work with a generalized worklist. Objects that are to be processed in a processing step sequence are managed in the worklist. Define the processing step sequence in the flow definition.

The worklist monitor shows you, for example, which objects were processed without errors, and which objects could not be processed. You can display information on the cause of errors, and thus control the way in which the object is processed further.

The generalized worklist ensures that when processing step sequences are repeated, the system only reprocesses the objects that previously contained errors and those for which you manually forced reprocessing.