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Report with which you can display the value added of the organizational units ( partners ) involved in the production process organized according to cost component groups in a hierarchy graphic.


If production involves more than one partner (for example, multiple profit centers in multiple plants and company codes), you can analyze the value added for each partner .

You can analyze the following reports:

  • Reports that show the total costs of a product broken down according to cost components

  • Reports that show the portion of the partners broken down according to cost component groups

In Customizing, you specify which organizational units the system considers as partners. You can select from the organizational units company code, plant, profit center and business area.

For every resource used, the system can derive the organizational unit that provided this resource. The cost estimate generates a separate cost component split for every involved partner. You can also only display the direct partner's portion.

The partner cost component split can be arranged in multiple dimensions, according to the definition of the partner. The cost component split can be displayed in hierarchy sequences of the partner, as required.


The partner cost component split provides a hierarchical graphic in which the partners that you have defined are displayed with their costs. The costs are grouped in cost components and shown as totals. Through   Settings   Sort Sequence of Partner Cost Splits   in the report, you can change the sort sequence of partner cost splits (order in which the partners are shown in the hierarchy).

Through   Settings   Cost Component Groups, y   ou can switch between cost component groups 1 and 2 in the report. You can also switch between the main and auxiliary cost component splits.

Unless you specify a different lot size, the lot size of the cost estimate is displayed. If you want to use a specific lot size, enter it in the report parameters under cost base . The costs are then converted to that lot size. The values displayed depend on the cost component view selected.


Through   Settings   Partner View   , you can branch from the partner cost component split to reports for the direct partners. The reports on the direct partners are also hierarchical graphics, although they are only single-level. If you choose and display, for example, the profit center as the direct partner, you will see (in addition to the profit center of the material costed) only the profit center that has directly issued your activity or delivery to the profit center of the material costed.


To generate and display a partner cost component split, you must do the following in Customizing:

  • Define cost component groups

  • Define a partner version

  • Enter this partner version in the costing type

  • Enter this costing type in the costing variant that you use for costing

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