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You use this procedure to create a completely new routing.

If a routing already exists in your system with similar data, you can copy this data into the new routing. In this case use the procedure Creating Routings by Copying


The following data already exists in the system:

  • If you want to maintain the routing with history : The corresponding change master record.

  • If you want to link the routing with a revision level : The relevant revision level of the material to be produced.


  1. In the SAP menu choose   Logistics   Production   Master data   Routings   and then   Routings   Routing (or other task list type)   Create   . Note: In the following procedure the task list type Routing is referred to, primarily in menu paths. The same paths are also valid for the other task list types (reference operation sets, rate routings and reference rate routings). If you want to maintain such an object choose the <task list type> instead of Routing .

  2. Enter the relevant data on the initial screen.

  3. Choose Enter .

    The screen that then appears depends on whether you are creating a new group or adding to an existing group.


    The following screen is displayed.

    Create group

    Create RoutingHeader Details

    Continue as in Step 5.

    Add to group

    Create Routing Header overview

    Continue as in Step 4.

  4. Choose   Edit   New entries   .

  5. Enter the data on the Header Details screen.

  6. Choose   Goto   Operation overview   . The Operation Overview screen appears.

  7. Create operations and sub-operations for your routing.

  8.        8.       Save the routing.