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The report displays a cost estimate broken down into cost elements. The cost elements show the costs according to origin, such as material costs or labor costs. The cost element itemization thus tells you which costs have arisen for what purpose.


If you enter an origin group in the material master record or in the credit key of the costing sheet, you can have this displayed in an additional field to further break down the costs into material cost elements and the overhead costs into origin groups.

Note Note

The values in the cost element itemization are determined from the values in the itemization. Subsequent changes of the quantity structure or the costing items are not displayed. To display such changes, costing must be repeated.

If you use your own programs or reports to evaluate your cost element itemizations, you must use the function module CK11_ITEMIZATION_TO_COSX_CONV, which creates the cost element itemization from the itemization.

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If you want to see the cost element itemization in the information system, you must se lec t the itemization indicator when you save the cost estimate.


In the standard system, you can choose between predefined layouts or adapt the information to your requirements by creating custom layouts. For more information, see Creating, Changing, and Managing Layouts .

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