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 Settings for Decoupling Confirmation Processes Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can make the following settings for decoupling:

  • Execution Time

You summarize the following settings in a key term for process control:

  • Which processes should be decoupled (automatic goods receipt, backflushing, actual costs determination)?

  • When should the processes run (online, update task, background task)?

To define the control key for process control choose   Operations   Confirmation   Define Time for Confirmation Processing   in Customizing for Shop Floor Control.

  • Confirmation Parameters

You assign an order type and plant to a key term for process control. This activates decoupling for the order type.

To maintain the confirmation parameters in Customizing for Shop Floor Control, choose   Operations   Confirmation   Define Confirmation Parameters   .

  • Parallel Processing

If you are working with background jobs, you enter the confirmation processes that should be processed in parallel here.

The confirmation processes for goods movement and actual cost determination differ. For each of these groups you can determine the following parameters:

  • number of parallel tasks

  • which server

  • maximum number of items per material document (for goods movements)

To define the settings for parallel processing, choose   Operations   Confirmation   Define Paralleling Type for Confirmation Processes   in Customizing for Shop Floor Control.