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Report that displays the following:

  • Cost object hierarchy (hierarchical display)

In the hierarchy display, you can switch between the data entry object and the summarization object (see Cost Object Hierarchies in the Information System ).

  • Summarized data

You can summarize the values for the cost object hierarchy level by level and display the summarized values in the information system. If the data is summarized for analysis purposes, the cost object hierarchy is referred to as a summarization object . Every cost object node can become a summarization object. It is a prerequisite that a data collection run for summarization has been carried out (see: Collecting Data for a Cost Object Hierarchy ).

  • The report can also be used to search for cost object hierarchies.

For example, you can display a list of the highest cost object nodes, or search for the cost object hierarchy of a specific material.


The report displays the following:

  • The cost object nodes of a cost object hierarchy

  • The key figures for the cost object hierarchy

The data is displayed using cost analysis. Cost analysis is based on the ABAP List Viewer but offers additional functions. Using the layout technique in the report, you can display the key figures that you want to analyze.

See also:

  • General information on cost analysis

  • General information on the ABAP List Viewer

  • For general information on working with layouts, see the following:

You can define exceptions in the report.

Exceptions are used to display traffic light symbols (red/yellow/green) for objects whose variances exceed a predefined threshold. You specify the reference for the threshold values by choosing a rule basis (such as actual costs absolute ). The percentage and absolute threshold values you specify tell the system by how much the reference value must be exceeded before it displays a traffic light symbol on the object.

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