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The cost center that you want to assign the work center to, must exist already and belong to the same controlling area as the work center plant.


For any one validity period you can assign a work center to only one cost center.

You can assign several work centers in different plants to one cost center. The work centers must belong to the same company code as the cost center.

You can assign an activity type, which is valid for the cost center, to every standard value in the work center The activity type appears in the routing as a default value. You can prevent this default from being changed in the routing by setting the reference indicator.


You enter the following data (see red arrows in the graphic):

  • The cost center and the validity period

  • For every standard value a formula key and an activity type.

The system calculates the activity quantities from the formulas and the standard values. CO Controlling can then evaluate these using the activity prices.

 ( ) Costing with Cost Centers