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To perform results analysis for a sales order:

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Sales Order   .

  2. The screen Product Cost by Sales Order appears.

  3. Choose   Period-End Closing   Results Analysis   Execute   Individual Processing   or   Collective Processing.

  4. Individual processing is used to calculate the results for the sales order item you specify.

    To perform results analysis for all the sales order items in a controlling area, choose Collective Processing.

    The screen Results Analysis for Sales Order or Results Analysis for Sales Orders appears.

  5. Enter data as required.

  6. Choose Execute .


The system performs results analysis.

Note Note

If the controlling area currency differs from the company code currency, results analysis is performed in both currencies. After you have saved the values in the first currency (the controlling area currency), the values are shown in the second currency (the company code currency). When you save again, the values will be updated in both currencies.

End of the note.

See also:

If there are objects with errors and you set the indicator Generate worklist before you performed results analysis, you can reprocess those objects in a single-level worklist. For more information, refer to the following sections:

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