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 Replacing Work Centers in Routings Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can replace work centers

  • Manually in the task list operations

  • Automatically in all task lists, in which the work center is used (mass replacement).

Replacing work centers manually in operations

When you replace a work center in an operation with another, the following data is transferred to the new work center:

  • Basic Data

  • Default values and activity types, which have their reference indicator set.

  • Performance Efficiency Rate Key

The units of measure for the default values are not transferred. The rules of maintenance for the new work center are valid for the default values.

Mass replacement

This can be conducted either online or in batch mode. You can work from the area menus for either Work centers or Routings .

Note Note

Replacing work centers in routings is described in detail in the SAP Library Routings (PP-BD-RTG) under Maintaining Routings and Rate Routings and Mass Changes and Where-Used Lists .

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