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You can schedule complete task lists.

To do this, it is necessary to specify a relative start time for each task.


The relative start time contains two time parameters:

  • The number of calendar days or workdays (called the offset ), such as 2 calendar days or 1 workday.

  • The actual starting time, such as 12:15 pm.

Using these parameters, you can schedule and reschedule the individual tasks independently of the actual run date of the task list itself.

Example 1

You have created the task foreign currency valuation with the parameters offset in working days: 1 and start time: 12:15 pm . If the task list is scheduled to start on a Friday and a factory calendar is being used, the task will be started the following Monday at 12:15 pm (weekends are not working days). If a Gregorian calendar is being used (in this case all days are working days), the task would be started on Saturday at 12:15 pm. If the same task list were scheduled to start on a Monday, in both cases the task would be started on the following Tuesday at 12:15 pm.

If the task list contains several tasks with relative start times, the actual start times are always calculated on the basis of the scheduled date and the specified calendar.

Example 2

The task assessment has an offset of 1 calendar day, and the task settlement has an offset of 2 calendar days. The schedule date of the task list is March 11. The task assessment is started on March 12 (March 11 + 1 day), and the task settlement is started on March 13 (March 11 + 2 days).

Note Note

The offset for the start time is always based on the concrete schedule date. The system then calculates the concrete start date from this offset using the schedule date and the specified calendar.

End of the note.