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The sales organization is an organizational unit within logistics, that structures the company according to its sales requirements.


A sales organization is responsible for the sale and distribution of goods and services.

It represents the selling unit as a legal entity. It is responsible for product guarantees and other rights to recourse, for example. Regional subdividing of the market can also be carried out with the help of sales organizations. Each business transaction is processed within a sales organization.

The sales organization must be specified in all sales documents. It is therefore available for all basic functions of SD (such as pricing, availability, etc.).


A sales organization can be subdivided into several distribution chains which determine the responsibility for a distribution channel.

Several divisions can be assigned to a sales organization which is responsible for the materials or services provided.

A sales area determines which distribution channel can be used to sell the products from one division in a sales organization.


Each sales organization is assigned exactly one company code for which you enter all accounting details of the sales organization.

A distribution chain can be active for several plants and the plants can be assigned to different company codes. If the sales organization and plant are assigned to different company codes, an internal billing document is sent between the company codes before the sales transactions are entered for accounting purposes.