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Report with which you can analyze planned costs using product drilldowns in Product Cost by Order . The reporting time frame can be cumulative or restricted.

This report displays the planned costs and plan quantities updated to an object and can be used in the analysis of planning data.

In Product Cost by Order , the planned costs on a costing object result from the preliminary cost estimate of the manufacturing order.

Data Displayed

The following data is shown based on key figures and/or original cost elements:

  • Total planned costs

  • Planned fixed costs

  • Planned variable costs

  • Planned input quantity

  • Planned output quantity

Header Information
  • Object information

  • Reporting time frame


You must perform a preliminary costing for the manufacturing order.


Product Cost by Period

No planned costs are updated to the product cost collector during a preliminary costing of the product cost collector in Product Cost by Period (see also: Product Cost by Period Information System ).

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For information on preliminary costing in Product Cost by Order , see the following sections:

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See the following section for information on the presentation of values determined during preliminary costing of product cost collectors.

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