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Various forms of reporting are available for work centers in the work centers area menu.

Where-used Lists

Where-used lists show you in which task lists a work center is used or in which work centers capacities are used.

Change Documents

Change documents log changes to data elements in a work center. You can compile lists of change documents using various selection criteria.

Standard Reports

You can use standard reports to compile lists of work centers according to various criteria, for instance cost centers, capacity categories, or membership of a hierarchy.

User-defined Reports

If you want to, you can create your own reports in addition to the standard reports. You can use existing reports to copy from, for example report RCRA0010, which lists your work centers.

Use the following data for your own reports:

  • Logical database: CR

  • Application: C

For more information about writing reports see the SAP Library BC ABAP Workbench under ABAP Reporting Tutorial .