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You have assigned the capacities, whose standard available capacity is to be maintained, to the work center already. You have also entered the general data for these capacities.

Process flow

  1. In the work center area menu choose   Goto   Capacity   Overview.  

  2. The Capacity Overview screen appears.

  3. Place the cursor in one of the fields of the capacity, whose standard available capacity you want to maintain and choose   Goto   Capacity   Header.  

  4. The header screen appears

  5. Edit the date in the Standard available capacity detail screen.

  6. Save the work center.

Note Note

If an available capacity version is active, the system uses it instead of the standard available capacity. You can recognize whether a version is active from the Active version field in the Header screen. If you want the system to use the standard available capacity, delete this entry.

End of the note.