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A BOM can include materials produced not in the plant of the finished product, but in another plant, or externally.

You can include the costing data for materials from other plants within the controlling area in the cost estimate. You determine the link between the plants through the special procurement type .


You use the special procurement type to determine whether the material

  • Is produced in another plant in the company code of the finished product, or in another company code ( materials in other plants )

  • Is provided by you, and is processed by an external supplier ( subcontracting )

  • Represents a logical grouping of materials that is not produced as an assembly, yet is managed together ( Phantom Assemblies )

  • Is delivered directly to stock without the semifinished products ( direct production )

You can enter a special procurement type in the material master record in both the MRP and the Costing views.

  • If you have no special procurement type in the Costing view, the system uses the special procurement type in the MRP view when costing.

  • If you have different special procurement types in the Costing and MRP views, the entry in the Costing view is used.

Special procurement types are defined in Customizing for Product Cost Planning or in Customizing for Requirements Planning. They consist of the combination:

  • Procurement type (either F: External procurement or E: In-house production )

  • Special procurement (for instance, M: Direct production , L: Subcontracting )

If a material is not specially procured, it is costed with BOM and routing. If no valid BOM can be found by the system, a price for the material is determined according to valuation strategy and the routing is ignored.

If you want to cost a material that has no valid BOM but does have a routing, you can include the routing in the cost estimate when you create a new special procurement type in Customizing (procurement type: E and special procurement: E) and enter this special procurement type in the Costing view of the material.

If you want to cost a material as externally procured by ignoring the existing quantity structure in the system when costing, the following options are available:

  • In the Costing view in the material master record, enter procurement type F and no special procurement type (in either the MRP or the Costing view).

  • In Customizing of the special procurement types, create a new special procurement type (procurement type: F, special procurement: empty) and enter the special procurement type in the Costing view of the material.