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In this process you always maintain routings with history.


The change master records with which you want to work, already exist in the system. You must have assigned each change master record a valid-from date. Depending on the type of change to be carried out, the change master record must either be intended for the following object types or contain object management records for the following individual objects:

Data to be maintained

Required object type/object management records

All routing data

Task list

Material and BOM

Task list and BOM

Production version

Task list, BOM and material

Note Note

If you want to link changes of further objects with the routing changes, include these objects in the change master record.

End of the note.

The revision levels with which you want to work, already exist in the system.

If you want to documents changes to particular fields as change documents, you must make the corresponding setting in Customizing.

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For more information about how you create and administer change master records and revision levels, refer to the SAP Library Engineering Change Management (LO-ECH).

Process Flow

When you create a routing, you enter the change number of the change master record.

Note: If you work with revision levels, you can also enter the revision level instead of the change number. In this case the system determines the change number that corresponds to the revision level.

Initially the system creates only one change status for every routing object (header, operation etc.)you create. This status begins on the valid-from date of the change master record and ends on 12/31/9999.

You then create new routing objects or change existing ones in whichever order you like. You also enter a change number. If you

change an existing routing object, the system creates a new change status, if you are editing this change master record for the first time. Otherwise the existing change status is changed. It is valid from the valid-from date in the change master record.