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 Maintaining an Individual Operation Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can make changes to the order data both in create and in change mode.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Order   Change   .  

  1. Specify the number of the order that you want to change.

  1. Choose  ( ) .

The initial screen for production orders appears.

  1. Choose  ( ) .

  2. Select one or more operations.

  3. The operation data is divided into two sections that you can access in different ways.

To go to the tab pages , first choose  ( ) and then one of the following tab pages:

  • General

  • StandardVals

  • Ext. processing

  • Interop. times

  • Std value determin.

  • Splitting

  • Overlapping

  • Dates

  • User Fields

  • SO delta

  • Qty/activities (display-only fields)

  • Confirmed dates (display-only fields)

  • Assignment of reqmts

  • Qualificats

  • Long text:

Note Note

For each plant and order type, you can define your own layout of the tab pages for the operations (Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Screen Control   Define User-Specific Tab Pages   Define Operation Detail Screens   ).

End of the note.

To go to the operation detail screens, choose

  •   Operation   Purchase requisition  

  •   Operation   Object dependency  

  •   Operation   Long text  

  1. Make the necessary changes and save the order.