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When a process order is carried out, actual process data is needed that documents the process and is available for further processing in other SAP application components and external function modules such as process control systems. You can use this component to send actual data from process control to predefined message destinations. Depending on the destination type, various business transactions are triggered in this way in the SAP System or an external system and data is reported.

Implementation Notes

Install this component in process manufacturing companies if you want to automatically report actual data from within process control and trigger business transactions.


With other components

Function you want to perform

Required component

Post goods movements in inventory management

Inventory Management

  • Create a batch during production

  • Assign batch characteristics during production

Batch Management

Send maintenance data to plant maintenance via the PI-PCS interface

Plant Maintenance


Process messages can be used in communication with both automated and manually operated plants:

  • In automated plants , you must use the PI-PCS interface to send your process messages to the SAP System. This means that your process control systems must be able to communicate with the SAP System through this interface.

  • In manually operated plants , you can use the PI sheet . The process operator can enter process data directly on the screen. The process messages are automatically created in the PI sheet.

  • In addition, you can manually created unplanned process messages in the SAP System if, for example, malfunctions occur during production.

See: Process Message Creation

Each process message must be created with reference to a process message category predefined in Customizing.

See: Process Message Category

You can send process messages to one or more predefined process message destinations, each of which supports different functions.

See: Process Message Destinations

The standard system contains a number of predefined message categories and message destinations. They trigger certain business transactions in the other components of the SAP System.

See: Integration Using Process Messages

Process management first checks all process messages to be sent (even the ones from external systems) and then sends them to the appropriate destinations provided that the check was successful.

See: Sending of Process Messages

When the process messages have been sent, you can monitor the processing status of individual messages in the process message monitor. If necessary, you can change incorrect messages and then send them again.

See: Process Message Monitoring

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