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Available capacity that, if it has been activated, is used instead of the standard available capacity for scheduling and capacity planning.


You use available capacity versions, if you want to describe available capacities that differ from the standard available capacity. For example, you use available capacity versions, if the available capacity changes from day to day or if it is distributed among several shifts.

You create available capacity versions in Customizing.


Initially an available capacity version is the same as the standard available capacity. However when you create an interval of available capacity in the available capacity, the standard available capacity is replaced by the available capacity version.

Example Example

The graphic illustrates an available capacity version that was created in two intervals of available capacity. The validity period of interval 1 is from January 6 to January 10, of interval 2 from February 15 to February 22.

End of the example.

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Available capacity version with two intervals of available capacity