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The standard cost estimate for a configurable material can be used as follows:

  • To determine the standard price for a configurable material. This price can then be used to valuate a material manufactured for a sales order ( configured material). This type of valuation is usually appropriate when the variants of the material do not differ significantly from each other. Note that the standard price is not exactly the same as the value of the configured material. For more information, see Standard Price with Valuated Sales Order Stock .

  • To automatically confirm activities in repetitive manufacturing in a sales-order-related production environment . In repetitive manufacturing, the activities in the routing do not normally differ significantly among the different characteristic values of a configurable material.

In a sales-order-related production environment in repetitive manufacturing, the system generates a planned order that lists the material components of the material being manufactured.

You enter a goods receipt posting in the menu of repetitive manufacturing to debit the cost object with the costs for the material components. The cost object is the following:

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If you have specified in Customizing for Product Cost by Period under   Simultaneous Costing   Check Control Data for Repetitive Manufacturing Profiles   that activities are to be posted on the basis of the standard cost estimate for the material, and you have created a cost estimate for a configurable material, the cost object is automatically debited with the costs for the activities specified in the cost estimate for the configurable material at the time of the goods receipt.


In the Basic Data view of the material master record, the indicator Material is configurable is selected.

Enter the material number of the configurable material in the MRP 3 view of the master record of the configurable material in the Configurable mat. field. The result is that the configurable material references itself. You enter particular characteristic values in the MRP 3 view under Variant configuration . You can create a standard cost estimate for the material on the basis of the object dependencies under Variant configuration .

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