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 Creating an Internal Order Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Master Data   Order   Create   from the   Internal Orders menu.

  2. Enter the order type and choose Master data.

  3. Set the Controlling Area for your order in the dialog box, and choose Enter

  4. Enter a short text to describe your internal order.

  5. For external number assignment, enter a key for the internal order.

  6. Enter the required data for the internal order in the tab pages.

The internal order layout may differ from the Order Layout in the Standard .

  • The system sets the controlling area, company code, and business area according to various settings, or if required, automatically.

  • General data is for information only and is not validated by the system.

  • The system sets the status, currency and object class automatically.

  • You can also maintain the fields in the period-end closing group box at a later date

  • If you want to settle an internal order 100% to one cost center or one G/L account under one settlement cost element, then enter this data into the group box Settlement to a Receiver . In all other cases you define settlement using the Settlement Rule , which you can also define later.

  1. Save your internal order.

Note Note

Rather than carrying out a unit costing, you can define a costing model in the master data for the relevant internal order via   Extras   Costing.  

You can find more information on this type of costing in the SAP Library under   Financials   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Editing Costing Models and Assigning Attributes   .

More information is available in the SAP Library under Easy Cost Planning for Internal Orders .

End of the note.


Your internal order is created. The system issues an order number when you make an internal number assignment. This number clearly identifies the internal order.

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