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This function enables the transfer of material master data from SAP ERP to create or update the corresponding material record in SAP ME (see Material).


  • The material master is used by all components in the SAP ERP Logistics system.

  • To facilitate the integration, the data contained in the material master is required for the following functions in SAP ERP:

    • In Inventory Management, for goods movement postings and physical inventory

    • In Production Planning and Control, for material requirements planning and scheduling

  • The base unit of measure of the SAP ERP material is used in SAP ME material, inventory ID, BOM, and Production shop order records and then reported back to SAP ERP in confirmations.

  • You can also transfer material classification data (see Transfer of Material Classification Data).

  • SAP ERP discontinuation concept is not supported.

  • The language of the material's Description value matches the SAP ERP plant language. If the description in the SAP ERP plant language is not available in SAP ME, SAPMEINT uses the value in the first available language.