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You use this function to process confirmations for which errors occurred as they were being automatically processed. With this function, you can either delete or, if possible, eliminate the errors and post the confirmations again.

Confirmations with errors can arise if they were entered in one of the following ways:

  • Upload from a PDC system (see Upload )

Possible errors include:

  • Order does not exist (for entry via PDC system, BAPI interface)

  • Order was locked

  • Sequence of time events incorrect

  • Individual capacity does not exist

  • Work center or personnel number does not exist


Reprocessing has the following advantages:

  • Selection

On the initial screen, you can enter your selection criteria for selecting the confirmations that you want to reprocess. Possible selection criteria are: Production order, plant, confirmation, WBS element, sales order, MRP controller, work center, created by, created on .

  • Navigation

The screen for reprocessing confirmations is split into two areas:

  • Overview list of the confirmations

  • Detail screen for the selected confirmation

In the standard setting, the overview list is on the left and the detail display of the confirmation is on the right. To change the position of the overview list, choose  ( ) (move the list in an anti-clockwise direction, select the position of the overview list). This last setting is saved for the particular user who created it and is used again the next time the function is called up.

  • Reprocessing

The confirmation that you have chosen from the overview (cursor position) is displayed in the detail screen. In the detail screen, you can remove the error in the confirmation.

The following confirmations can be reprocessed:

  • Order confirmation

  • Operation confirmation

  • Time event confirmation

  • Activity confirmation

The layout of the detail screen is determined by the confirmation that you are currently processing. The layout can be set up flexibly for an operation confirmation (see Single Screen Entry ).

  • Display error

To display a long text about the error for each confirmation, position the cursor on the confirmation and choose  ( ) .

  • Check confirmation

You can check one or more confirmations. To check confirmations, select them and choose  ( ) . In the Status field on the overview list, the result of the check is displayed with a symbol.

  • Delete confirmation

If a confirmation is not to be posted because, for example, it has entered the SAP System by mistake, you can delete it. To do this, select the confirmation and choose  ( ) . The confirmation is flagged for deletion and is deleted when you save.

  • Delete a line

To delete confirmations from the overview that you do not want to process at the moment, choose  ( ) . The confirmation is, however, retained for reprocessing at a later stage.