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If an operation has sub-operations, you can cumulate the standard values of the sub-operations in the operation. If necessary, you can correct the cumulated standard values in the operation.

The process is as follows:

A standard value is identified by its parameter ID. The system compares the parameter IDs of the standard values in the operation to the corresponding sub-operations. The standard values of sub-operations with the same parameter ID are cumulated in the operation.

For additional information about parameter IDs, refer to the PP Work Centers guide.

Proceed as follows to cumulate standard values:

  1. Call up the operation overview.

  2. Select the operation in which you want to cumulate values.

  3. Select the menu options   Edit   Cumulate std values.  

The standard values of the sub-operations are cumulated in the operation.

Note Note

If a standard value is already maintained in the operation, this value is overwritten with the cumulated value.

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