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It is possible to enter completion confirmations for a production order in a subsystem and to import them into the SAP system via the PDC data transfer. This means that you can enter a confirmation close to production in a non-SAP system and process it in the SAP system.


To execute the PDC data transfer, the following requirements must be met:

  • Communication channel 2 (CC2) must have been set up technically ( Setting up the PDC Interface ).

  • You specify the communication parameters for CC2 in Customizing.

    • Which data should be downloaded (work centers, variations, units of measure, material dependent units of measure).

    • Whether the update of confirmations that are received is to be triggered immediately

    • Which user is informed by the system with an express mail, if an error occurs.

      The communication parameters are maintained in Customizing by choosing   Cross Application Components   Plant Data Collection   Production Orders (PP, Communication Channel 2)   Define communication parameters   .

  • In order to download operations, these operations must be suitable for PDC .


With the download function you can send data to a subsystem, so that input checks can be made in this subsystem. This function is not absolutely necessary for using PDC data transfer.

With the upload function you transfer the confirmations from the subsystem to the SAP system. You can set up the system so that either the confirmations are updated automatically after they have been transferred (communication parameters) or a program is scheduled to do the update as a background job.

In general, the communication parameters are set up so that the update of the confirmations is triggered automatically.

In error processing, you can reprocess confirmations for which errors occurred during updating.

Note Note

You will generally schedule the relevant programs as background jobs . However, you can call up the PDC data transfer functions manually.

End of the note.

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