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Before you can work with the Transport Management System (TMS), you must configure it in all SAP Systems in your system landscape.

The TMS configuration includes:

  • Configuring Transport Domain dialog box is displayed: You define which SAP Systems in your system landscape form a transport domain, and which SAP System is to be the transport domain controller. In this way you also define the communication infrastructure of your system landscape (passwords, RFC connections, and so on).
  • Configuring Transport Routes: The transport routes are used to define in which target system you want to consolidate change requests, and which SAP Systems are forwarded this information automatically.
  • Choosing a Transport Strategy: You can choose how you want to make transports between SAP Systems.
  • Configuring the QA Approval Procedure: You can use TMS Quality Assurance functions to check changes in the QA system before you transport them to other systems.
  • Configuring the Transport Workflow: The transport workflow allows you to make speedy corrections to the production system or make transports that do not follow the defined transport routes.