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Depicts a particular processing status of a routing object ( for example header or operation).Change statuses are ordered sequentially, that is, each change status has a validity period that begins on the valid-from date and ends directly before the valid-from date of the subsequent change status. If there is no subsequent change status, the validity period finishes on 12/31/9999.


In the SAP system every routing object has its own change status and consequently its own validity period. You create and edit change statuses with or without history. You work

  • Without history by entering a key date.

  • with history by entering the change number of a change master record. If you work with revision levels in materials management, you can also enter the revision level of the material to be produced. In this case the system determines the corresponding change number.

When you create a routing object, it has only one change status, which starts on he key date or the valid-from date in the change master record and ends on 12/31/9999.

If you never work with history, all routing objects have exactly one change status.

The first time you edit a routing object by entering a change number, you create a new change status. It is valid from the valid-from date of the change master record. The change status that was previously valid on this valid-from date still exists. Its validity period now ends immediately before the validity period of the newly created change status begins.

If a routing object has already been edited with a particular change number, a corresponding change status exists already. You can change this change status, so that the change is valid for the whole validity period of the change number.

Creating and Changing Change Statuses



What happens?

Create routing object


A first change status is created. The key date is the valid-from date.

Change routing object


The change status, which is valid on the key date, is changed.

Create routing object


A first change status is created. The valid-from date is the valid-from date from the change master record

Change routing object


If the routing is being changed for the first time with the present change master record, a new change status is created. Its valid-from date is the valid-from date from the change master record Otherwise the change status that is valid on the valid-from date of the change master record is changed.