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If you want to cancel a confirmation, you must decide which confirmation is to be canceled.

  • If only one confirmation has been entered for an operation or order, you only have to identify the operation/order.

  • If several confirmations have been entered for an operation or order, you must also specify which confirmation you want to cancel.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Confirmation   Cancel.  

  2. Enter the data for the confirmation that you want to cancel (confirmation number/counter or order, sequence and operation number).

  1. Choose  ( ) .

  • If several confirmations exist, the system branches to a screen which lists the confirmations. You can directly cancel the required confirmations here by selecting them and choosing  ( ) .

To branch to the detail screen of the confirmation, select the confirmation and select  ( ) . To cancel the confirmation, choose  ( ) .

 ( )

You can print the operation overview and define a user-specific layout for it (column selection and sorting).

  • If only one confirmation exists, the system branches directly to the detail screen for the confirmation. To cancel the confirmation, choose  ( ) .

  1. When you save, you can enter a long text describing the reasons for the cancellation.

Note Note

To reverse the cancellation of a confirmation, you must manually reenter a confirmation.

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